How To Treat Your Skin

honey mask.

In this article, I want to share with you how I personally take care of my skin. So, without further ado let’s start.

One of my favorite treatments that I love using is a honey mask. And what makes honey so unique is that it’s nature’s antibiotic. So, not only will it help lighten the skin but also it has healing properties in there too where it helps heal the skin and nourish it. My favorite honey to use is Manuka honey. It’s much more rich in antibiotics than normal honey that you find on the market around the grocery store shelves, and it’s a little more expensive. If you are on a budget, Manuka honey might be a little more expensive but I love it because I don’t just use it on my face. wWenever I have a sore throat, or if I’m feeling sick, I take a teaspoon of Manuka honey, I just eat it. And the next day my throat feels better, and I don’t feel as sick. So, it’s really a wonderful way to heal the body and the skin. I do this twice a week where I apply honey on my face, I leave it for about five to ten minutes, and then I rinse it off, and my skin just feels amazing. This is a really great way to treat and nourish your skin.


And if you’re feeling a little fancy, then I recommend using a really good well-made skin mask. And this one is by Innisfree. I discovered this brand when I was in Korea, and I found the store, and I loved every single product that they had in there. It’s amazing quality, they believe in organic natural products. And what I love about this mask is that it’s a two-step process, so you have the serum that’s attached up here that you peel off and you apply on your face. It’s vitamin C, and then you apply the mask on. And right when you remove it, your skin just feels brand spanking new.

If buying mask like this is a little too expensive for you, there’s a way to make your own. It’s really simple. All you need are rectangle square cotton sheets and essence. What essence does is that it softens the skin, it lightens it, and it also helps prepare it for all the other products that you’re going to apply on later. So, what I do is I take the essence, I douse it all over the cotton pads, I let it sit for ten seconds, and then I start stretching it out. And then I peel it layer by layer, applying it all over my face, leaving it for about ten minutes, it’s good enough, and then just peeling it off, and your skin is going to feel so fresh and so rejuvenated. And then it’s ready for the next step.


The next step is to tone the skin. So when it comes to toners, you want to be careful with what’s on the market right now. Because there’s a lot on the market that has a lot of alcohol in it. And what alcohol does that it dries the skin. That’s the exact opposite of what you want to do. So. you want to find a toner that doesn’t have a lot of alcohol.

Besides using toner sometimes, I’ll switch it with apple cider vinegar. What I do, I take two cotton pads, one soaked in water, one soaked in apple cider vinegar; I wipe my face with apple cider vinegar, and then I wipe off with water, and I just keep doing it back and forth until my skin gets that tingly sensation. You don’t want to use apple cider vinegar raw on your face because it might sting a little too much and it might be a little too strong for the face, and that’s why I recommend offsetting it with water. So, water, apple cider vinegar, and just start mixing it up, and your skin is going to feel incredible; it’s going to be like” thank you so much for not piling on all these chemicals on my face and giving me something that is natural and raw.”

Erectile Dysfunction And Obesity


One of the important men’s health issues and sexual health problems that we have learned through research in recent years is the issue of fat in the abdomen or what we call abdominal obesity. We have learned that fat in the abdomen is different than fat elsewhere in the body. Fat in the abdomen is associated with low testosterone. Natural male enhancement is the only way to solve your problems and improve your sexual life

Now let’s think about that. Testosterone is the masculine hormone, is the hormone that makes sexuality. It is also a metabolic hormone. It is a hormone that gives you energy; that builds your muscles. So when the testosterone gets low in a man with abdominal obesity in a number of symptoms happened. We see this frequently; we frequently see symptoms such as low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction. We also see frequent fatigue; we see small muscle mass, weak muscles. These symptoms are all the symptoms of low testosterone. So here we see again the strong link between sexual health and overall men’s health.


Studies have shown that weight loss in those who are obese results in improvement of an erectile function even without pills. And I tell my patients: “If you are overweight or obese, as a first step you should lose ten percent of your weight. Your chemical function, your body composition and your erectile function will improve.” So we see here it a tremendous incentive to lose weight. The benefit is not only to sexual function, but it is also to the overall reduction of risk of heart disease. So I tell my patients: “If you are sexy – you are healthy, and if you are healthy – you are sexy.”

Sexual medicine sciences have advanced so much that now with this for the treatment of erectile dysfunction we have great treatments. We start with advising the patient and helping the patient improve the lifestyle: improving obesity, increasing exercise, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake. These measures will result in improvement of erectile dysfunction.


The next step is to provide treatments with the oral pills. The oral pills are highly successful, very safe when prescribed under medical supervision. In addition to that, those who do not respond to the oral medications, they can have other treatments, which can be very successful, such as the self-injection therapy.

Those who fail medical therapy, the good news is that surgical treatment with penile implants is very successful. Now with these penile implants have advanced significantly through biomedical engineering, penile implants rival knee implants, hip implants, pacemakers in their reliability and satisfaction.

It is really important to remember that if you have erectile dysfunction the good news is it can be treated, it can be treated effectively and successfully.

Vimax Is Recommended By Doctors For Penis Enlargement


For those who are looking for a penis enlargement product, they might be faced with so many different options. Despite so, there are products which are better than most such as this product called Vimax. Vimax is simply one of the best penis enlargement products that you can get right now. There are so many reasons why it is so good especially because it is highly recommended by doctors. Of course, there are different reasons why theywould want to advise this product to us. Here are some of the best reasons why Vimax is highly recommended by doctors for those who want to enlarge their penis.

Amazing Benefits


You might see several similar results from penis enlargement products all across the country. Despite so, Vimax produces so many amazing benefits for you. The most sought is clearly the penis enlargement benefit. It does give you a significant penis size growth in a period of time. Despite so, Vimax is not just about enlarging your penis. By consuming these pills, you will also get so many amazing benefits for your male sexuality.

Other than penis enlargement, Vimax has also so many different benefits for your sexual health. First of all, it will increase your sex drive or libido. Secondly, it is also known for being a high energy or stamina booster in bed. But one of the best thing that you can get from Vimax is the fact that it brings a harder and firmer erection for your penis.

Natural Formula


One of the best reasons why Vimax is highly recommended by doctors and medical experts is because the formula of the products. Unlike any other products, Vimax is made out of the best herbal and natural ingredients that you can find. You won’t find that many chemical ingredients in Vimax that might harm your body. The ingredients within supplement are just so healthy for your bodies such as Ginko Biloba or Oat Straw. These ingredients within Vimax are designed to boost the overall sexual performance in male and give you a better erection and bigger penis size.

Quick results

Another thing that you should be happy about when it comes to Vimax is the short period of time before you see a result. In order to see your first result, you only need to use Vimax for about four weeks in total. After four weeks, your first result will be apparent as you start to notice the increase of libido and energy. Despite so, you will have to use the product in about nine weeks in order to actually get a full result. You will also need to use or take the product regularly within that nine weeks in order for the best effect.

What Do Women Say About Female Sexual Enhancers?

Female sexual enhancer might be less popular compared to its male counterpart. Despite so there are so many fantastic female sexual enhancer products out there that are praised by women. Here are some of the most common thing women thinks and say about such products.

Provestra is highly effective


If there is one product that women swear by, it would be a product called Provestra. Provestra is clearly one of the most recommended female sexual enhancement products out there. Most women who use Provestra would say that this product has a mild effect on their sexuality. After two months of consuming pills, most women will notice a slight bump in their sexual desire. Despite so, it is not that strong that you would want always to have sex every time you are with your man.

Provestra can be said to be an herbal remedy because it uses so many different natural herbs in the pills. For instance, you can find within their pills ingredients such as ginger root, valerian root, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, and also kuzu among others. In addition to that, they also enrich the pills with plenty of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, folic acid, and also iron among others.

About Vigorelle


Vigorelle is another female sexual enhancement product that gains so many positive reviews from plenty of women. Unlike Provestra, Vigorelle comes in a form of a cream that you need to apply directly on your clitoris. Plenty of women said that Vigorelle is highly effective in increasing your sexual pleasure. It is fast-acting which means that you can get the result just in a matter of a minute. But because it is fast to be activated, the effect will also wear out in several minutes of the use. Despite so you can always use plenty of it to elongate the feeling of pleasure in your clitoris.

Regarding the ingredients within Vigorelle, you do not have to be worry about it. There are so many natural ingredients which are both safe and aphrodisiac for women. For instance, you will be able to see similar products such as the ones in Provestra such as Ginko Biloba. But there are also other ingredients such as Damiana leaves, Wild Yam, and also peppermint leaf among others. When it comes to vitamins, they also include several of them including Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, and also L-arginine.

Orgasm inducing Climestra


Climestra comes in the form of pills where it has to be consumed on a daily basis for several weeks. According to several women who consumed the pills, they experience plenty of increase in their sexual energy level and the overall sexual urge after taking the supplement. It includes their ability to reach more orgasm and also the frequency of arousal. The tablets need to be taken only once per day, although some women with the severe sexual problem might take two or three at maximum per day.

If you are looking to see whether Climestra is safe, it is relatively safe as they are using plenty of natural ingredients. You can get ingredients such as Damiana leaves, Horny Goat Weed, and also Yohimbe bark extract among others. Thus, there are no significant side effects that might come from taking these pills. If you are looking to have a greater sex life with your partner, you should take Climestra.

How Natural Penis Enlargement Works?

How does natural penis enlargement work? It can slowly increase the size of your penis. Make sure to read the tutorial of it for more information. The closer we are to someone, the easier we will find ugliness. So intimacy or sexual pleasure also requires time. Let yourself or partner install the distance for a moment and focus for better sexual intercourse. Yes, you may often hear. But really, you should do it. Eye contact during sex will create a burning passion. It is various undeniable intercourse or sexual intercourse couples (married couple) became one of the key domestic harmonies.

It is widely known that men want sexual intercourse frequency higher than women, and women tend to want to have sex regularly regularity than men.  A sexual health expert from the United States (US), John Gray, in his book entitled “Mars and Venus in the Bedroom”, wrote that in intimate relationships, men crave physical pleasure through touch and visually. While more women are expecting conditions like recreation, which helped obtain a satisfactory inner experience.


So how should a healthy sexual relationship for both men and women, which provide equal benefits for both? The first solution is to be done with a partner on the deal communicate frequency and quality of intimate relationships. In this case, you and your partner need to be honest with each other about the sexual experience gained when having sex.

Do not cover the disappointment you feel if you are experiencing dissatisfaction during intercourse. By being open with each other, then the future will provide new insights for each of the parties regarding the intimate relationship that can provide maximum satisfaction to one another. Men tend to have a passionate sexual desire during intercourse, and unfortunately, the woman took a long time to balance it. This makes men feel do not get the maximum quality of intimate relationships, as well as women who find it difficult to blend with the partner’s sexual arousal.

Many sexual therapists suggested multiplying stimuli to each other through the foreplay during sexual intercourse. According to the scientist, through foreplay, men will still get sexual excitement through physical contact of touch and visually, as well as women have sufficient time to establish and balance the sexual arousal with your partner. This provides a greater opportunity to reach the breakeven point of climax.

Is It Possible To Increase Sperm Volume

More Sperm Volume


One of the biggest things that men wish to possess while doing sexual intercourse is a more sperm volume. There are actually two purposes for increasing sperm count. The first reason is to show masculinity where with more sperm being ejaculated, the more masculine the man should be, some said. Another reason is to satisfy their sexual partners. Some people believe that with more sperm being ejaculated will also trigger women’s orgasm at the same time hence it may lead to a healthy relationship after all. Besides those reasons, there are some people that believe that with a more sperm volume, there will be a higher chance for the women to be pregnant.

Because all of those reasons, lots of men have been trying to find the best way to increase their sperm count which is being harnessed by some sex pill developers. If we see on either in the sex stores or online stores, there are myriad of products which offer a higher sperm volume after we have consumed the pills for a certain period of time. Besides supplements, there are also other options such as eating some foods that some people believe will increase ejaculation amount. Hence, let’s dive deeper to find the best way to increase sperm count.

The Best Way

sperm volume pills

Consuming pills appear to be the most-used solution for increasing sperm volume. Lots of people have been purchasing some products just to improve their sperm production. The main question is: does it work? Some people claimed that those tablets had been working correctly which is a very positive result whereas some other people claimed that there haven’t been any effects so far. This is why choosing the most effective supplements for increasing sperm count is essential since there are many fake products that offer the same result.

The second solution would be to consume some foods that eventually can increase sperm production. This is actually a safer way to increase sperm volume since most foods such as dark chocolate, and oysters are safe to be consumed. Moreover, it appears to be cheaper than to buy some pills.