Erectile Dysfunction And Obesity


One of the important men’s health issues and sexual health problems that we have learned through research in recent years is the issue of fat in the abdomen or what we call abdominal obesity. We have learned that fat in the abdomen is different than fat elsewhere in the body. Fat in the abdomen is associated with low testosterone. Natural male enhancement is the only way to solve your problems and improve your sexual life

Now let’s think about that. Testosterone is the masculine hormone, is the hormone that makes sexuality. It is also a metabolic hormone. It is a hormone that gives you energy; that builds your muscles. So when the testosterone gets low in a man with abdominal obesity in a number of symptoms happened. We see this frequently; we frequently see symptoms such as low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction. We also see frequent fatigue; we see small muscle mass, weak muscles. These symptoms are all the symptoms of low testosterone. So here we see again the strong link between sexual health and overall men’s health.


Studies have shown that weight loss in those who are obese results in improvement of an erectile function even without pills. And I tell my patients: “If you are overweight or obese, as a first step you should lose ten percent of your weight. Your chemical function, your body composition and your erectile function will improve.” So we see here it a tremendous incentive to lose weight. The benefit is not only to sexual function, but it is also to the overall reduction of risk of heart disease. So I tell my patients: “If you are sexy – you are healthy, and if you are healthy – you are sexy.”

Sexual medicine sciences have advanced so much that now with this for the treatment of erectile dysfunction we have great treatments. We start with advising the patient and helping the patient improve the lifestyle: improving obesity, increasing exercise, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake. These measures will result in improvement of erectile dysfunction.


The next step is to provide treatments with the oral pills. The oral pills are highly successful, very safe when prescribed under medical supervision. In addition to that, those who do not respond to the oral medications, they can have other treatments, which can be very successful, such as the self-injection therapy.

Those who fail medical therapy, the good news is that surgical treatment with penile implants is very successful. Now with these penile implants have advanced significantly through biomedical engineering, penile implants rival knee implants, hip implants, pacemakers in their reliability and satisfaction.

It is really important to remember that if you have erectile dysfunction the good news is it can be treated, it can be treated effectively and successfully.